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On the occasion of the millenium of composition of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (Book of Kings) which is truly warrior of Persian language and a master piece for all human kind, UNESCO arranged a cultural event with presence of representatives of 192 countries at UNESCO house in Paris on 31st March 2010.




This Ceremony started with speech of Ms. Cecile Duvelle, Secretary of Intangible Cultural Heritage section of UNESCO, and by speech of Iran's permanent ambassador in UNESCO continued. Then Ms. Sara Abbas Nejad started to play Naghali art from some parts of SHahnameh.  


It is an honor for Europen to present Ferdowsi pen, from Europen Special edition collection, to Secretary of Intangible Cultural Heritage section of Unesco, Ms. Cecile Duvelle and her Colleague Ms. Irina Bokova. It is our great honor and motivator to get a positive and thankfulness letter from Ms. Cecile Duvelle in this regard.