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Europen Volcano Special Edition pen is a magnificent tribute to the art of Italian handmade pens. The golden-orange pearlized natural resin is inspired from erupting volcano and is named after it.


  • Black with Golden-Orange pearlized natural resin body 


  • Nib size Medium
  • Hand Made in Italy
  • Each pen has a unique serial number
  • Natural resin makes each pen unique and distinguished.
  • The Sterling Silver middle ring is a master piece in detail & precision made by hand.
  • Sparkling Gold on trims & nib of the fountain pen provokes sense of authenticity as volcano’s eruption is one of sources of gold on surface of our planet.
  • Bottom-oppen convertor ease ink filling system of fountain pen so that there is no need to seperate barrel from front section
  • packed in a luxury piano polished wooden box
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 


Available In: 
Fountain pen