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Europen Lex Special Edition pens are dedicated to legal profession and its associates. Lex in Latin means law and this pen is to appreciate role of pen in transforming verbal and oral commands of rulers to written law. The extent to which law incorporates morality and justice literally is in debt to pen. It was pen that enabled human to write law codes for society and make every one equal in law. Order is result of law and pen becomes mightier than sword in implementing order in society.

  • Black with Gold trims


  • Each set of Lex is unique as they are numbered by their own unique serial number.
  • The symbolic scale of justice emblem is engraved on the top of the clip to remind that law must incorporate justice and morality.
  • At the top of the cap, an emblem of court hammer (also known as Gavel) is engraved to symbolize might and authority of law court to keep order in society.
  • The Lex pens are packed on a triangular base in a luxurious wooden box to represent high position of law in society from which no one is higher.
  • Nib size Medium
  • carries warranty against manufacturing defects for 2 years.



Available In: 
Set of Ball Pen & Fountain Pen & Roller Pen
Set of Ball Pen & Fountain pen